Just Be With Me...
By PheonixWritr
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I was dancing with Cory when I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. The force they used to turn me around made me stumble a bit and spill my drink. "Shit!" I grumble as I look at the spilt contents on the floor. I was a little tipsy and I felt crosseyed as I looked at the asshole who made me spill my drink, "what the hell duuuude?!" "Aurora, what the hell are you doing?" His voice was harsh and angry, "None of your damn business," I take a gulp of my drink, "I'm dancing!" I turn back to my dancing partner and we get a little closer. I smile as his hands travel down my waist to my butt. I know Cory and he wouldn't try to pull any move on me. Before I know it I'm flipped onto someone's shoulder and we were headed up the stairs and into my guest room. "Hey! Put me doooown!" I whine as I bang on his back, He set me on the floor and I made a move towards the door but he blocked me with this body. "Move Colton!" I shove him and punch his chest, "Get. Out. Of. My. Way!" "No." "Why are you even here? Your supposed to be in the hospital!" "I'm not letting you go back down there," "Why do you care?" I fold my arms across my chest and stare at him. He sighed, "I do care Aurora. You have no idea how much I care." "Then show me," I walk closer to him, "show me how much you care." *************** Can a guy and a girl be best friends? Aurora Montgomery and Colton McKinley have been the iconic boy/girl best friend duo everyone kept talking about. They have been best friends since she was 10 and he was 12. They did everything together and they were inseparable. Well, that was until the summer before Colton started high school. What happens when your best friend gets a girlfriend? You can't have a girlfriend and a girl best friend. Or can you? Enjoy the roller coaster lives of Colton and Aurora in this first book in an 8 book series! Book One: Just Be With Me Book Two: Just Trust Me Book Three: Just Say Yes ©️All Rights Reserved

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Just Be W...
by PheonixWritr