Broken with you
By lilainahinz
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Lucy Donavan is the quiet girl who always has her nose in a book. She's shy and controlled, or she was until her brother died five months ago In a terrible accident. She's breaking without her brother and now her parents are forcing her to move across the country to a little town in Virginia. Worse than that they're sending her to a prep school! The First day at Harrison prep Lucy manages to make enemies with the king of the school Roman Black and his group of football players. Roman is cocky, mean, and the most infuriating person Lucy has ever met. He's also really confusing, one minute he's nice to her and the next he's treating her like dirt under his shoe. But for some reason Lucy is drawn to him. She feels a pull to him that she can't explain. What happens when their paths cross and they find out that they're not so different after all? Lucy's broken but so is Roman. They're both lost. But what if what they're looking for is in each other? Roman has secrets, secrets he can never tell Lucy. What happens if she finds them out? What if they destroy her completely? |Completed|

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Broken wi...
by lilainahinz