Requiem for a Love...
By ellelawrence
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*Spoilers for Requiem for a Soldier, the first book in this series* ~Kinda-sorta on hiatus while I figure out where the story has been so I can figure out where it will go~ Benjamin Ramirez was sixteen years old when his twin sister was found dead in an alleyway in Phoenix. Ever since that day, he's had one goal: to find his sister's killer and bring them to justice. Fast forward ten years and Ben is one of the most dedicated officers on the force, giving up his personal life to spend years working undercover. He's investigating one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the Southwest and is closer than he's ever been to gaining the trust of those at the top. But then he meets a girl who reminds him so much of his sister that he might be willing to sacrifice his cover to save her. After witnessing the murder of her family, Anastasia Clarence thought her life could never get any worse. But eleven months later, her world fell apart all over again. Now, kidnapped and held for ransom back in the city where it all began, she has two choices: to give up completely or to fight for the remaining fragments of her soul. There's nothing quite as formidable as a woman with nothing left to lose. Cover Credit @bakedsausage

Prologue: Shattered

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Requiem f...
by ellelawrence