Succulents on the W...
By Meghan_Mars
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[1st in Chicklit: The Constellation Awards] It's never a good idea to wake up next to your best friend's boyfriend. What is Corinne to do though, when this is to become the rest of her life? . Burdened with a sense of family duty, Corinne agrees to take Zach Dubois as her life's partner. Unable to defy his dying mother's wishes, he agrees to the arrangement. What are they to do though when faced with his girlfriend, Corinne's best friend, Sara? As an outsider in their strange world, they know she would never understand their predicament. With the curse of their joining rushing through their veins, it's only a matter of time before they are unable to resist the pull towards one and another. Can they struggle to keep Sara in the dark, or bare to hurt her with the truth? . Unedited, real-time writing by Meghan Mars

Chapter 1

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by Meghan_Mars