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By wonderingwhyy
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"I scan him over with my eyes, forgetting about the compromising position I'm in with my hips pressed up against his and the pain I feel in my hand. My hands start to search him for any sign he's hurt but it's hard because I see blood mixing with coffee on the floor and I can't seem to find the source of the wound. My fingers gently graze over his stomach and he tenses under my touch. I assume I've found an injury so I lift his black, coffee-soaked t-shirt to investigate. His eyes have been squeezed shut this whole time, his face a look of anguish but they suddenly flash open and his hands abruptly catch mine. He clenches his jaw, my eyes briefly flitter to the motion and then to the red blush of his cheeks. "Get. Your hands. Off my shirt." It takes me a moment to stop staring at his face but I eventually respond. "Yes, of course." I gulp nervously. "I'll get off if you could just-" I nod my head, gesturing toward his large hands that are still clamped tightly onto mine. His eyes widen and he lets go of me immediately. It's when I'm pushing myself off of him that I finally notice the source of the bleeding. All of a sudden my vision goes black." I CAN'T BELIEVE THE ORIGINAL C&N IS ALMOST AT A MILLION READS AND I'M SUPER EXCITED TO BE PUBLISHING THIS EDITED VERSION THAT'S A LOT BETTER WRITTEN!!! I respond to all comments :-) please give the book some love and feel free to point out typos Pictures are from weheartit

[1] The Inciting Incident

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NEW Coffe...
by wonderingwhyy