Punching the Gang l...
By uber_triny
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My jaw is firmly grabbed and my head is lifted to where I'm forced to look up into McDemons eyes. "Too bad" he says a evil smirk taking place on his plump lips "you're mine". I raise an eyebrow and give him a sweet smile as I say "I'm my own bitch, bitch". The smile is wiped from my face as I slam my forehead forwards. Stella was just walking on a sidewalk that was dangerously close to the road. Paying no mind to the sound of a car engine that needed to be checked. When she was-literally-picked up by four hot guys. McHottie-Damian Whitehouse McSteamy-Luca unknown McDevil-Ace Dagger McUgly-Maxxer And McDevil-*cough*- er sorry Ace has plans for our precious Stella. *THIS BOOK IS BEING SLOWLY EDITED* *This book is just for sh!ts and giggles, the events that take place in this book would not happen in real life. Again, this is just a fun book made for me n my friends who read way to many gang leader wattpad books.* Book #1


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by uber_triny