The Gang Leaders Gi...
By bellablue1410
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Stacey 20 never had the best childhood, she was single handedly raising her 4 year old daughter. She wanted to give Maddie the best life she could give her. She decides that she wants to move and go to college to get her masters in dance. Dancing and singing were her passions, she had been singing since she could talk and she started dancing at 8 years old. On Stacey's first day of college she meets the bad boy Levi. Levi is the leader of a gang called the Midnight Vipers. He is arrogant and cocky, he never shows he's softer side as that's a sign of weakness. He has never taken an interest in the girls he meets until he sees a new girl at school. As much as he dislikes her, he is intrigued by her. What will happen between the two of them?? * Mature content *

Chapter 1

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The Gang...
by bellablue1410