Arts And Guns [h.s]
By JulieHoscar
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Highest ranking #1 in ballerina (03/01/2019) / (12/08/2019) #1 in mafia (10/20/2019) #2 in innocence (12/2018) #2 in bulimia (05/11/2019) #4 in Harold (06/08/2019) #7 in mature (05/18/2019) #7 in dance (10/25/2019) #7 in ballet (11/03/2019) "Shhh, let me hear!" I yelled whispered at Harry, who was playing with my dress. "Why the fuck would you want to listen to some violin shit?" He asked depositing a small kiss on my neck and I smacked his arm. He seemed to forget we are in public. "It's Vivaldi, Harry! It's art!" I exclaimed gaining a few glares from the people around me. Harry chuckled and his hand traveled slowly to my thigh. "Since you're so fond of arts, perhaps I could show you what's art to me." And at that moment I don't know what made me shiver. His husky voice in my ear, his British accent, his words or his hand under my dress almost reaching my intimate area. Definitely all of them. ~{•}~ NOT A CLICHE GANG LEADER STORY Rose Elizabeth was always the innocent and kind girl with a dark past that changed her way to see the world. But it wasn't in a bad way, she saw the positive side in everything. Hating someone was something unbelievable for her. Harry Styles was quite the opposite. He was a killer, a murderer, and a gang leader. He didn't care about other people feelings or emotions. All he wanted was money, power, and sex. Hate was the most common thing in his life and there was nothing or no one he hated more than a beautiful innocent girl, Rose Elizabeth. This hate ended messing both of their lives. While Rose was trying to reach to him and make him love, Harry was trying to pollute her and make her surrender to her deep temptations. Only one can win this battle, who will it be then? [ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ] [This book contains mature content, inappropriate language, and violence. Read at your own risk.]


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Arts And...
by JulieHoscar