The Decision
By WhiiteTiger
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"Who am I? " I say confusion filling my mind. My whole life has been built upon a lie. I look around me and this planet is green and pink. I am not on earth then where am I? "You are part human, vampire and werewolf and Queen of Universe. Will you accept all the universes as continuing our Myth? " this women I have never seen before said. "What Myth? " I asked. "That you are one day to reunite humans, vampires and werewolves and make us into one with your power and words and you will be our leader . " She said. "No I refuse this decision " I say quickly with confidence but deep inside I was panicking. "I Moon Goddess pronounce you Kindle Moon Barns part Vampire , part Human and part Werewolf as our Queen of Universe. Congratulations I know you will make us proud. Good luck " the Moon Goddess said ignoring my refusal. "Kindle, wake up it's ten a.m." Alpha Brino Sims, my mate, shakes my shoulders in my room and continues to treat me horribly through the rest of the day. I am relieved that Queen of Universe nonsense was a dream though. But little did I know this wasn't a dream. It was real and it was coming true. ****** Read the romance, adventure and horror Kindle Moon Barns goes through as she meets her mate, Brino Sims, and finds out who she really is.

Chapter 1

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The Decis...
by WhiiteTiger