Vampire Gone Wrong...
By Tray-CKierra
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Highest ranking: Number 1 in Vampire! WARNING! MATURE CONTENT!! "Xander. Please, have pity" she pleaded miserably at my feet. Disgusting. I thought and scowled.... Her pitiful state did nothing to me.Seeing her lying in her own filth, crying in pain and on the brink of death brought a little bit of satisfaction to my distorted empty heart....... Crossing the threshold of her cell, I turned my head and looked one last time at the pitiful mess that was my mother. ******* Meet Alexander Rage.Sociopath, psychopath and neighborhood villain. You could say his behavior is influenced by his horrible past or just the fact that he's a sad miserable vampire.But then again,he might just be really evil deep down. Elite vampire. ******* Meet Elle Rivers.Not so quiet,shy, straightforward kinda girl.Middle class vampire.Isn't too fond of the elites and prefers to stay at home taking of her father and serving as the village doctor. Do they find love in each other in the mad chaos that is their lives? This is a cliché-ish vampire book. Read at your own risk. Though some unexpected twists and turns are promised. Highest rankings: #1 in vampireromance❤ #1 in psychopath ❤ #1 Sociopath❤ #1 in take❤ #1 in interracial❤ #2 in imagination ❤ XOXO Tray-CKierra❤

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Vampire G...
by Tray-CKierra