The Strange Disappe...
By annemarshallofficial
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • amnesia
  • anxietydisorder
  • brothers
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  • defiance
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  • fraternity
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"How are we going to keep a full grown woman a secret? This isn't a TV show!" Beta Theta Pi's fraternity house lived at the end of the block and never bothered anyone. They were the quietest house with the lowest amount of members. There were only seven. But when three of them find an unconscious body of a young lady washed up in the river behind their house their number grows by one. When secrets and rumors run around about a girl that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, can the men of Beta Theta Pi keep the woman they found a secret? Or will exposing her existence really save her in the end but more importantly, who tried to kill her?

River Bed

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The Stran...
by annemarshallofficial