How the Universe of...
By MasterSinful
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In this little fanfic I will create a personal, non-canon explanation for how Ashwhisker's universe came to be and will go more into the Voidwalkers' and others' backstories. My goal is to possibly satisfy the wish for those longing to know more about the universe Ash lives in and the driving forces behind it. I have been inspired to do this because I am highly interested in the Voidwatchers, their mission to protect humanity by sending the Voidchildren, who unfortunately don't get much spotlight. So far the only known survivors of those powerful and old species' are Player 3 and Ash herself. Also my cover depicts my angel original character Katharina drawn by Ashwhisker-Draws. PS: May or may not contain references to other franchises Also please forgive me my grammar or spelling at times, English is not my first language. Not to mention that my autocorrector could make a few words looks... weird to varying degrees. My DeviantArt account:

The Beginning

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How the U...
by MasterSinful