Post-Apocalyptic (A...
By MirandaLimbDoran
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(BtsxReader) Excerpt: "Fucking hell," Yoongi swears next to me. All of a sudden my feet leave the ground and it takes me a moment to realize that Yoongi has picked me up via bridal style. I clasp my hands around his neck as he begins running, the others close behind us. "Be careful with her," I hear Jimin pant next to Yoongi. "Oh shut up," Yoongi mutters so that Jimin can't hear. "Let's get to the tunnels." "What about Min Ku?" Jimin asks. Yoongi rolls his eyes and eyes the building to our right. "Oh I'm sure he'll be fine up there," he says as we slowly come to a stop. I look over and see Jin pushing open the manhole, beckoning us to go down. Yoongi places me on my feet and looks at me, his hand on my cheek. "You okay?" He asks softly. I swallow. "Y-yeah," I manage to find my voice and he nods. "I'm right here, okay?" He says. I notice Jimin eyeing us, but I ignore it. Now isn't the time. Everyone begins hopping into the tunnel, one after one. Yoongi ushers me forward to go before him and I get a sense of déjà vu. Except this time, he makes me go first. I look over his shoulder just before I jump, a hoard of zombies making their way towards us. Scared people run all around, their screams loud and ear-splitting. There's so much I want to do for them, but I know its no use. There's nothing we can for them now. "Y/N," Yoongi pleads and I finally snap out of my daze. I drop down into the tunnels with him close behind me. He reaches up and slams the tunnel door shut, blocking out the cries for help and the undead creatures taking over his home. *** Highest ranking: #12 in post-apocalyptic


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by MirandaLimbDoran