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[All Rights Reserved] #themuslimfictionawards "I thought Muslims wear hijabs."I turned to look at him with an annoyed look. "Well you thought wrong."I told him as I turn back to where I was going, back on my feet. "And that's why Muslims like you push Other Muslims not to do things they want."I stopped and hold shirt tight with a fist. ---- Almas Yasmeen Khan. An Afghan Muslim who doesn't wear hijab and believes Allah is everything to her. She's devoted to Islam and she loves being who she is. Zack Ali Isa. An Arabian Muslim who's dedicated to his Islamic beliefs. He believes that Women covering their beauty describes closeness to Allah. When both meet, he doesn't know who she is? Thinking she's White, he doesn't say anything. When he finds out, will he take it seriously or forget it? Rated: #1 in Afghanistan 2/27/19

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I Am Musl...
by -theboringwriter-