Rapito dal Capo del...
By CaramellaQueen
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Translation: Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss Book Three of the Mafia Boss series. **MUST READ FIRST TWO BOOKS TO UNDERSTAND** Book Two: Sposato con il Capo della Mafia Book One: Venduto al Capo della Mafia Marino De Luca is a 26 year old Greek god, and son of Savannah and Dante De Luca. He has a twin brother and 7 other siblings, at his father's wishes. While his brother runs the legal businesses, he runs the illegal business. The two are cold hearted towards anyone that isn't family, because in business, not everyone can be your friend. Him and his brother may be twins, but they don't always see eye-to-eye. While his twin, Marco, thinks love is a special thing, Marino thinks its bullshit. It only hurts people. Until one night he saves a girl from being killed. Katherine Edwards is 19 and has only ever wanted love. Something that was never given to her. She's known as a golden child. Her parents don't really love her though, and her siblings hate her. Their hatred grew so strong, they went as far as trying to kill her, though this only ended her unconscious in a stranger's home. If Marino hadn't saved her, she'd be raped, dead in an alley. And although Katherine is grateful, she doesn't want to stay in a house of strangers. Maybe Marino will see that love isn't a weakness, instead, it's something that makes a person fight for their lives, to stay a little longer. ~~~ "I'm going to fuck you hard, and you're not going to make a single sound, understood?"


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Rapito da...
by CaramellaQueen