When Two Unlikely W...
By ttmona1
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This is the story of the unprecedented meeting of a star in the making by the name of Normani and a young international iconic musical boy band group member Kim Seok Jin. A story of admiration, attraction, love, hardship, struggle for acceptance, compromise and an eventual success to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The reader may question the pairing as it is somewhat common knowledge that Asians and Americans have a more common marital pairing of Asian woman to Caucasian American man. The potential marital combination of an Asian man and an African American woman is less common, although historically was more visible in society, i.e., during the construction of the railroads era when Chinese immigrant workers would become romantically involved with African American women due to the disproportionate numbers in Asian males to females present at the time. When it comes to this particular pairing a few factors were placed into consideration. The first being previous interaction, similarities in personalities, medical history knowledge backgrounds, astrological factors, age differences and potential success of such a union should the fictional events described by some odd chance of nature become a reality. However, that likelihood remains fictional for all purposes and intent here. Please proceed to explore this story as it delves into the land of possibilities, should the opportunity present itself, in the safety of its fictional existence.

Chapter One

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When Two...
by ttmona1