Unsent letters to E
By feelingsturntowords
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It's a book about an "almost love". Only this isn't the story of what happened, not really anyways. I will not write this like you would write a children's story, or a teenage romance novel. This book will be a mixture of poems/quotes I wrote during this hard time, and after. The "poems" will actually be like letters to 'E'. Many are addressed to him, but some are just writings that were about him. If YOU love reading quotes about love and heartbreak, poems, cute cliche stories, or you have a crush, a heartbreak, or an almost relationship, you'll enjoy reading this. If you don't like or have anything I just mentioned, maybe you'll enjoy my writing and maybe making fun of it will make you happy (lol I hope not). Who is 'E'? Why was it "almost love"? Why are there so many unsent letters to 'E', that I had to go and write a book full of them?????

Table of contents

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Unsent le...
by feelingsturntowords