Stolen to be His Pr...
By MicStories
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There she was shaking her hips side to side as if she was putting on a private show for him. He stood there staring at her intently as if she was the most exquisite thing he'd ever seen. But the poor little girl was oblivious to his stares, she was too engrossed in her little world. He clenched his drink tightly seeing guys trying to get close to her and putting their hands on her, but he had to restrain himself. He ran this city and he would soon have her. He would soon capture his little Kitten. Warning ⚠️ this story contains very sensitive topics including drugs, kidnapping and sexual assaults. #1 - David Gandy #1 - Wife #2 - Stalker #2 - Daddy MATURE CONTENT ⚠️

Chapter 1: First encounter

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Stolen to...
by MicStories