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By iam_arpita111
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"Why weren't you picking up my calls?? How dare you to ignore me? I was so worried of you.. Do you even have any idea of that?? " He said through gritted teeth. "Answer me damn it! Has cat caught your tongue??" He said shaking me by my shoulders. I jerk his hand off my shoulders. "Why the hell do you care? I am not bound to answer your calls. Now shoo, back off. " I said shooing him away. "Who you are to me???" This time he shouted on the top of his voice. " Neil, please don't shout. Everyone will wake up. If someone sees you here then I will land into some big trouble." I replied whisperingly. He chuckled hearing me. Saying this I headed back to the door. But then I was pulled back by him and my back collided with his chest. He spread his arms around me and drew me more closer to him. I could now feel his warm breath on my neck. I am not used to this kind of intimacy so I was feeling uncomfortable. He finally spoke, " Angel... Please give me a chance to apologize. I am very sorry. If you won't listen to me then I will shout so loud that everyone will wake up. Forget about your family members and think about your neighbors. What will they think when they will see us like this?? You know na that neighbors are official gossipers. " He said threatening me while tightening his grip on me. _______________ Ayesha Raichand, 20 years old, is a lively and bubbly girl who lives her life to the fullest.Her dream is to become a lawyer so that she could help people to gain justice. But behind her beautiful smile there is a past which still haunts her. A past which can never be forgotten. Neil Malhotra, 24 years old, is an aspiring and cunning businessman. He is arrogant, stone hearted and a complete womaniser. So guys what do you think will happen when these two different personalities will collide? Will they ever be able to love one another or if destiny has some other plans for them? The cover credit goes to @krisha_p97

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