'Til Death Do Us Pa...
By omgchele
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Passion has been through it all. From losing her brother at a young age, to going through a period of depression. She felt worthless and useless for years until she meets hotshot Marcel Maverick, who's on a mission to right his wrongs. Marcel, an ex drug dealer, trying to change his ways and fix his mistakes after doing a six year bid in prison, comes out a changed man on a mission. He soon finds young Passion, who's broken, vulnerable and willing to risk it all for a chance at finding the love her brother once gave to her, but this new found love comes with a dark, twisted secret. Passion's loving husband Marcel, who she thought could do no wrong, was someone she couldn't even recognize. He lied to her. He tricked her. He deceived her. And now it's time for her to concoct a plan to get back at Marcel for all the pain he's caused her and correct every single one of his mistakes, even if that means killing her husband in the process.

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'Til Deat...
by omgchele