Having a Good-Looki...
By YohoAruto
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • 1v1
  • apocalypse
  • bl
  • harem
  • pragmaticmc
  • rebirth
  • reincarnation
  • secondchance
  • yaoi
  • zombieapocalypse
  • zombies


The Main Synopsis: Zhang Jian is an ordinary army soldier with a plain, but masculine face, a pair of sharp eyes that often get him into trouble than not, and a skill set that any other ordinary military man would have. He doesn't have his own convenient dimensional space, or some kind of powerful special-ability, or even a golden thigh to hug to help him survive the apocalypse, but he had already lived through twenty years on his own using only his own strengths and wits. Surely, things would be better for him the second time around, right? The Actual Synopsis (that this Author wanted to write): If there is anything that Zhang Jian has learned during his years living in the apocalypse, it's that beautiful people are troublesome. Whenever a pretty face would show up in public, people would argue, blood would be spilled, and Zhang Jian's good opinion in humanity would be nonexistent. There was also the fact that beautiful people are often granted abilities to help them live through the apocalypse. Therefore, Zhang Jian really didn't want to involve himself with these type of frightening and terrifying people (he's not good with regular people in the first place) and yet... why are all these good-looking people trying to crowd around him?! The 'daughter of a politician' pretty little sister: "Jian'ge~" Zhang Jian, who saved her and took her in: "....." The beautiful, playboy young master: "Jian'ge, don't go off anywhere without us." Zhang Jian, who also saved him out of a coincidence: "......." The handsome but persistent military general: "Xiao Jian, don't leave my sight." Zhang Jian, who only saved him out of convenience: ".........." The old popular, good-looking high-school friend: "Jian'er, stay with me." Zhang Jian, being crowded by these good-looking people: "..... It's suffocating...." Reading Guide: Technically Harem but eventually 1v1, fast-paced, bl, adorable MC, slow MC, most-likely shameless gong

Chapter 1: Reincarnating Back in Time (1)

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Having a...
by YohoAruto