My Sweet Omega
By Ilovehxh
  • Romance
  • alphalevi
  • aot
  • ereri
  • omegaeren


Each alpha has a fated omega mate, and every year there is a gathering for all omegas and alphas. The way an alpha recognizes their omega is by their voice, and it's most recognizable for the alpha when the omega sings. The gathering last for around 4 to 5 weeks, and each omega will step behind a curtain, so the alphas can't see them. This prevents the alphas from judging them by their looks, each omega writes a song for their alpha. Once the omega starts singing their alpha will just know, like a puzzle piece fitting into place. Levi is a 17 year old alpha, most alphas find their mates before 16, he is in a depression by the time the next gathering rolls around. For Levi every omega sounds like a screeching parrot and almost makes his ears bleed. He is about to leave, when he hears the voice of an angle.

Why am I Here?

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My Sweet...
by Ilovehxh