Honor-Bound [ Lore...
By MinaParkes
  • Fantasy
  • bound
  • empire
  • fantasy
  • honor
  • kidnap
  • kidnapping
  • lgbtq
  • magic
  • princess
  • ranger
  • war
  • warrior


BLOOD IS POWER. The Blood-Bound Sovereigns, Matei and Mhera, have been leading the Penruan Empire as best as they can since the Arcborn Rebellion shattered it half a decade ago. Together, they've weathered many trials and borne many burdens, but the time of their deepest suffering was yet to come... Matei and Mhera's daughter, Princess Uarria, disappeared from her bedchamber late one night. The mutilated corpse of her guard, stuffed unceremoniously into a wardrobe, makes it clear that the princess is in mortal danger. With tensions broiling in the southern provinces of Narr and threatening to escalate into all-out war, the terrified parents must balance their fear for their daughter with their duties to the realm. Meanwhile, Uachi u Rora struggles with the revelation that Ealin, the unmarked Arcborn woman he has loved for years, is the one who has taken the princess. He cares for Ealin more than he's ever cared for anything in his life and now, faced with the horror of her betrayal, he is honor-bound to bring her to justice. His journey will take him farther from home than he has ever gone, where he will meet people stranger than any he's ever known and face down monsters he first met as a boy.


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by MinaParkes