My Dangerous Life...
By TinkLeonhardt
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Arlo Ramalio is a man haunted by the horror that is his job, Harlyn Royce is a woman he saves but will his mistake of falling for her cost him everything? Book 2 in the Dangerous series. "No, Carmelito had a plan of action in place in case of extended periods of absence or death, I have to see them through." "The thing with plans is, they are subjected to change, despite your rigid refusal to believe. Otherwise, they would be called, 'concrete' or 'immovable', maybe even 'set in stone'" this made her chuckle. "I promised," she looked back at me with sadness, hoping I would understand, but I refused to. "So, I will deliver her safely with you." She seemed to pause whilst staring at me, I didn't want to let her go, she was my calm, the one person that could soothe the confusion fog, I was not prepared, under any circumstances, to relinquish her. With knotted brows, she draws both lips between her teeth and bites, "what if I can't come back, Arlo? What if the hunt for revenge never stops?" I had no answer for that. Carmelito being the man he was, had endless enemies and who knows if all of them knew he was dead or not. What if they didn't know he was dead and then they would seek revenge anyway?

Chapter 1 ~ The Team

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My Danger...
by TinkLeonhardt