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"You are nothing. Ugly. Hideous. Fat. Annoying. Retarted. Stupid. I hate you, and everyone else does too." "You deserve all of this. You are the most horrible person in this world. People like you deserve to die. You're hurting everyone else around you. Wherever you go, you ruin everyone's life." "You should kill yourself. Go jump or something. Cut until you bleed to death. Overdose and die. Do something that will make everyone else happier. Go. Die." ******** Evanna, a 12 year old girl is dealing with a lot of stuff. Her parents don't have the best relationship, and when her mother dies, she moves in with her dad. Evanna finds out that she has a new addition to her new family. Ethan, Brandon, Andrew, Alex, Daniel, and Jayden doesn't want her here. She wanted a happy life, but with being abused and bullied by her own family and friends, she falls into depression. Highest Ranking: #1 in olderbrothers 11/13/18 #1 in depression 11/16/18 #1 in brothers 11/26/18 #1 in eating disorders 11/26/18 #1 in anxiety 11/27/18 #1 in bullying 12/25/18 ☆━━━━━━━━━━☆ I try to update every 2-5 days! TRIGGER WARNING! This book contains stuff such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, harassment, self harm, abuse, etc. Please read at your own risk!


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by taehyungggrace