One For Sorrrow [Mx...
By Jambui
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His voice dropped a few octaves in a way that made my knees tremble and my body ache, "come here and I'll show you." Kellen Lacroix has suffered the past decade, trying to keep his family from the clutches of death. And at nineteen that's a lot of weight on his shoulders, especially when you add curses, three younger siblings, and magical beings hundreds of times stronger and wealthier than him. Life is hard and Kellen would do anything to keep his family safe. But when a man comes to claim a life debt from his sister he must decide between taking her place and leaving his family alone to brave the harsh winter. Credit to @TheGreatBeginning for the BOMB ASS COVER. TRIGGER WARNING: VIOLENCE, GORE, LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEX SCENES, MxM

Chapter 1

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One For S...
by Jambui