Avenging Cannon-Fod...
By Gaia-Jupiter
  • Romance
  • 1v1
  • avenging
  • betrayal
  • bl
  • chinese
  • danmei
  • gore
  • humour
  • quickwear
  • revenge
  • rivals
  • system
  • transmigratons
  • worldhopping
  • yaoi


Stabbed by the one he loved, telling him that she loved the person he had hated but pitied him. Zhōu Shàoqīng filled his mind full of hate and revenge, he wanted to take everyone's fortune away. He hated them so much that he bound himself with a system, the system was the "Avenging System". His mission is now to take revenge as the cannon-fodder of the story, but what's up with these male leads? Why are they acting strange? ML: I only love you. ZSQ: If you lie, you get your part cut off. ML: I would never lie to you. ZSQ: Then... satisfy me. Note: 1v1, person is always the same. This is BL, get out if you don't like it. Started on 24/02/2019 Ended on ??? DO NOT STEAL OR TRANSLATE IT TO OTHER LANGUAGES I DO NOT TAKE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS OR DO ANY FANSERVICE OF WRITING. DO NOT COMPLAIN OF WHAT I WRITE.

Prologue: The avenging man

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by Gaia-Jupiter