Hotel Transylvania...
By marryansmithmathews
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This is just some random fan fiction of hotel Transylvania and this is almost a continuation of "let go of the past" so injoy The story: Drac is Mavis's dad who met a young human women that has black silky hair and almost had pasty skin just like Mavis also who has beautiful ocean eyes. They got married and now she's his new zing. Mavis is N/As friend along with Dennis who is her bestest friend he loves his new grandma and always wanted to have someone else in the family to play with him as in a baby he always wanted N/A and drac to have a baby together but they still don't know if it's gonna be a human or a vampire or it could be both just like Dennis. N/A has a niece named 'Sally' she is a cheerful little girl she has Short pretty black hair just like her auntie and has normal white skin like her mother and has Hazel blue eyes.

Where do babys come from?

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Hotel Tra...
by marryansmithmathews