Earth, After ✔️
By talia-v
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Some fates are worse than death--survival is one of them. In the two hundred years since humanity left the Earth's surface to live in the sky, life on the ground faded to a myth, a tragic memory from which they severed themselves to survive. They floated above continents turned to sand and lands swallowed by the seas, watched storm after storm rage against their cities and their monuments until they broke apart the last vestiges of civilization in penance for generations of human greed. As a lightning harvester charged with flying her ship into these storms for energy, Raina has seen more of the planet than most. She has spent her entire life soaring above its craters and scars, studying the gaping wounds of human devastation, as she honed her skills and became the youngest captain in storm-chaser history. Her ship has flown for generations. Her skills are unparalleled. But none of that matters the day they go down. ~ Praise for Earth, After: "I'm so not ready for this ending. I will reread this for sure. It's honestly my favourite work on wattpad ever, and among my best reads in general, it's insane. I love your creativity!" "Sometimes tearing my eyes away from the page is torture. Gosh...!!!!" "This is literally a movie - the images are so clear!" "oh my god... it has been such a long adventure [...] Youve dried up your surviving characters until the very last drop before giving the end, and my, Im speechless. Out of this world." ~ Highest rank: #17 in Adventure 25/08/19 #21 in Science Fiction 16/11/19 #24 in Action 01/01/20 Trident Awards Winner Trident Awards Judges' Favourite Award The Aurora Awards 1st Place in Science Fiction Wattpad Chronicle monthly feature April 2020

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Earth, Af...
by talia-v