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By JackieCastle
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Welcome to the World of Alburnium... If the Wizard of Oz swept you away and Narnia enchanted you, then follow the White Road Chronicles for a new kind of fantasy adventure. Illuminated: Book One begins with a girl in search of the truth. Alyra, mockingly known as Princess, was captured at an early age by the evil ruler, Darnel, and brought up in the dark land of Racah. At the age of seventeen, she considers herself nothing special. She has no recollection of who she is or where she came from. Her hope of ever finding freedom dims. Until the messenger arrives. Until he brings to light the meaning behind the medallion she's kept hidden. Until she accepts the blinding truth. Now she flees for her life. Alyra's journey leads her down a narrow road with strange traveling companions. Together, they encounter a kingdom where nothing is what it first seems. **FYI for those coming over from Captured: Novella One of the White Road Tales... A lot happens between Tarek and the Princess during the novella series, so jumping into this book will be a little confusing at first. The novellas were meant to be a fun prequel to the relationship they had before Darnel - King of Racah- figured out what was going on and tried to put a stop to their relationship. Tarek and Alyra's story thread continues all through the White Road Chronicle novel series - so if you want to see what happens and how they get back together, keep reading. I'm really sorry for the confusion, I should have put this up at the beginning. My apologies. =) The White Road Chronicles consists of: Illuminated: Book One- available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Luminosity: Book Two- available on Amazon, Kobo, Scrib'd, B&N and more. Emanate: Book Three - available on Amazon Radiance: Book Four - available on Amazon Just Released: Ignited: Book Five - available on Amazon Are you packed and ready for your journey? Well, let's get going then...

Chapter 1

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