Second Snapshot (Pi...
By thesamemistakes
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-COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- Business. It's all about business now. Nobody should give a single damn about love or how it does and doesn’t affect things. But Ashley does. After almost a year of absolutely nothing exchanged between her and Niall she's almost at breaking point. Nothing's worth it without him, right? Wrong. What if you got that second chance? That chance to scrap the first take and go for a Second Snapshot? A crazy encounter at the wrong time can lead to a lot of things changing. For better or for worse is unknown, but then again, now, what isn't? But when so many lies and fake smiles have lead them up to this point is it really wise to even spare each other a second glance? When everything's uncertain and nobody can seem to utter a word about what happened and what still lingers now nothing seems possible for changing. Change is scary, it's foreign and it spells for everything Ashley's not used to, un-organisation. Life works like clockwork for Ashley but when Niall comes back fully prepared to be her spanner in the works things aren't always as bad or as good as they may seem. Because now, everything happens for a reason and nothing's going to go un-noticed under the watchful eye of the people that are ready to do just about anything and everything to keep Niall and Ashley away from each other, have no direct contact and most of all, make sure they do not, under any circumstances; fall in love again. But little do they know that falling in love again is not a possibility as oblivious to the other, neither of them ever fell out of it. This is THE seuqel to -Picture This (Niall Horan) and you will want to read that before this in order for it to make sense:D

-Second Snapshot (-Picture This Sequel)

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Second Sn...
by thesamemistakes