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"Why the hell did you kidnap me? I will never marry your shameless cousin. You asshole! What made yo.." I was cut off by the finger on my lips by my captor. "Let me say the deal before you throw all the ear bleeding curses." I nodded him to continue. He took deep breathe " I will help you to find the killer of your mom but you have to help me in getting the tender. Till then you will be my girlfriend. " Shocked was an underestimate. I took deep deep breathe to calm my nerves. I need his help to find the killer. Mom has sacrifiesed so much for me. I need to repay it. I nooded to his deal, before I could say my condition I felt lips on my lips none other that the person infront of me. ______________________......................................................._________________________________ Nandidni.Murthy , an independent women whose mother died and her own family betrayed her. ( That's what she thinks.) Her world turns upside down when the a business tycoon Manik.Malhotra who makes a deal to help her. What happens when deal becomes more than a deal? What happens when both yearn for each other? What happens hate turns to love? Let's see cover by: @Rosann2015

1. My life

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