Chapter Zero {Compl...
By KrisssyNicole
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! E D I T I N G S T A G E ! "You choose Emmie, life or death. Life with me or death with him," her words stuck in my head, replaying over, and over again. **** This isn't your typical love story. Emmie is left alone in a new, dark, apocalyptic world. Nothing makes sense, not even how it happened. She knows just the essentials to stay alive but everything flips when a man by the name of Wage approaches. The only downfall, he's ONE of them. But Wage isn't out for the same thing all the other monsters are. Wage wants to protect, even if that could cost him his life in these conditions. Emmie and Wage struggle through this new life together, stumbling over obstacles. Can the two of them overcome everything and stay alive? Or where they doomed from the start? © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO KRISSSYNICOLE


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Chapter Z...
by KrisssyNicole