Did I Fall In Love...
By MiChaeng4Life
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And The Story Is Out! This Is A Part 2 Of The Story "My Pet Penguin (MiChaeng) (read at your own risk :p)" Please Make Sure To Read That One First Before This One! -First Story Recap- Mina aka The Cold Hearted Penguin and her 7 friends were the most popular at their school. Mina earned her name because she was just a cold and rude person. Whenever she gets asked out by some brave soul they get turned down in a mean way. She has had relationships before. But none ever lasted long. She is a single pringle now. Anyways. Then This New Girl who arrives named Chaeyoung. That Chaeyoung then someone how made that Cold Hearted Penguin her little pet. -This Story Description- Ok A Few Years Later. Chaeyoung And Mina Stopped Talking To Each Other And All Of That Stuff. These Past Months Mina Began To Change. She Slowly Became Less Rude,Mean, And Cold. Mina Wasn't The Only One Who Changed. Chaeyoung Became Their School's GirlCrush. She Was Cool And Sometimes Mean. She Still Hanged Out With Her Two Friends Nayoung And Somi. Read the first chapter to know everything else going on. :P

-BackGround Stuff-

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Did I Fal...
by MiChaeng4Life