Just a Substitute
By mile00x
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"Your brother can't do it ....Remember, you need to live for Shui. Protect him, cherish him, and ensure he has a good future." ... Shuren's earliest memories were of his parents telling him to live for Shui, his little brother. Whatever Shui could not do, Shuren had to accomplish for him. "...make sure to get 1 place in the piano contest... singing contest ....spelling contest... school ranking.... Etc... For Shui" "...you wrote Shui's name on the painting right? You made sure to give it your all right?" "...let Shui go accept the prize. He needs it." ... All Shuren's life, he has lived as Shui's substitute. Whatever Shui needed to secure his future, Shuren was required to complete with flying colors. So when Shui finally achieved the future of his dreams by marrying S country's top alpha, Shuren thought that he could FINALLY begin to live as Shuren for once in his 19 years of life. However, just as Shuren begins to adjust to being Shuren, he received a sobbing phone call from his dad and is pressured into becoming a substitute for Shui once again. However, since Shui is now married, how is Shuren supposed to fool Shui's in-laws and Shui's husband, and for how long can he hold onto his facade in front of a pair of deep, dark, penetrating eyes. This is a man x man/bl/gay relationship


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Just a Su...
by mile00x