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11 in wattpadlovestory I saved her once. I tortured her. I killed her. I choked her until she gave up. Untill she believed I'm a monster not a saint. She was holding onto me so tightly like her life depends on me. But I'm a monster. Not her Knight in shining armor. She had to know that and I made sure she did. I thribe on control. I crave for power. I live on blood of others. Because this is all I have known in my entire life, my only option. _________________________________________ She hated me and I'm glad she did, and you're gonna do that too. You're thinking what I have done to her? Let's read my life story then, you'll come to know how I made her feel, how I tortured her every cell in her body untill she couldn't breath. My hands are stained in her blood, I couldn't even see my own skin. I play God when I didn't have an ounce of humanity within me. All of this I have done because I'm a fucking Beelzebub. You still wanna know my story? Go flip the pages and you'll know a life of monster. I dare you. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Start Writing - 24th July 2018 Updating schedule - Daily one chapter.


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