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By yeeshyoosh
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Kim Jisoo is a stubborn, argumentative, but an intelligent and passionate booknerd. Her parents run a cutesy flower shop. Jennie Kim is friendly, soft , emotional and sometimes a little cold. And she owns a bookshop just down the high street from the florists. Anyone can see they're going to fall in love, right? Because that's cliché, right? Anyone, apart from Jisoo and Jennie apparently... In this tale of books and flowers, the two girls discover there is more to life than just books... and maybe, just maybe, they'll create their own romance story. I guess you'll just have to read and find out- but hey... no peeking at the last page :) ---- NEW JENSOO BOOK YAY IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, CHECK OUT MY BOOK: WRESTLER;JENSOO I WILL REFERENCE AND QUOTE BOOKS IN THIS STORY, IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND A SENTENCE JUST ASSUME IT'S A QUOTE OR SOMETHING :)


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books &am...
by yeeshyoosh