Rinnet of King's He...
By AnnaKYoung
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Rinnet is frustrated. A peasant isolated from the glorious conquests of her own kingdom, she longs for an escape from farming and into the excitement of battle. Impatient, she sets off with tentative ally Kozua, a foreigner with mysterious abilities and the tragedy of a war-torn country - destroyed by Rinnet's people - on his shoulders. Unlike Rinnet, Kozua is a pacifist who wants to stay as far from war as possible. But with another conquest on the horizon and Rinnet's own reckless desire for action, things don't go as expected. Rinnet ends up alone behind enemy lines, lacking allies, loyalties, or anyone she truly trusts. For her, this isn't a problem. No loyalties means no limits to what she can accomplish. And with a new mission and a presence over her shoulder, Rinnet knows one thing - it will take nothing short of death itself to stop her.

Chapter One

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Rinnet of...
by AnnaKYoung