Dragging Mr.Left to...
By cris_youmore
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Si Josley Reillny deMontre ay isang tipikal na babae na ngangarap ng "Mr.Right" hindi sya tulad ng ibang babae na sobrang ganda o kaya naman sobrang yaman or nerd na karaniwang nababasa nyo sa wattpad or napapanood sa mga movie."Sawi" ayan ang tulad niya na babae.That's why she made her perfect list,a list of every girls dream.She still believes that one day she will find her man of her dreams. Everything in her life, she considered as a mistake except having Rhed Micko Luzen in her life,her very bestfriend who supports her in everything she wants and never leave her despite her flaws and embarrassing moments she have done.Until one day,she met Crouzon Keil Perez again.Her man of her dreams,but also the man who broke her heart back then.Ano nga bang laban niya sa isang ideal girl na si Jániel Morice Morez na girlfriend ni Keil? Pero biglang nagbago ang tadhana na dating laging sumasalungat kay Josley.Tadhana gave her another chance,gave her a chance to have the man of her dreams pero, pano kung biglang sumalungat nanaman ang tadhana sakanya?Anong pipiliin niya?having her man of her dreams with a broken heart?or having the life she dream about since she was a little kid with the guy who loves her?Will her choice will lead to another mistake again? Bago po basahin yung story, sorry for some errors in advance hehe tao lang po Thank u! : ))


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by cris_youmore