Rejecting the Queen...
By LexieAlford
  • Romance
  • cheated
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  • rejected
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  • wolf


Grace is a werewolf, but she doesn't know about that...yet. My father is The King Of Wolves. Okay now you're wondering "How don't I know since my father is The King of Wolves?" well my father is away on 'business' a lot. Nice cover up story right? Well when Drew moves to Mercy me and him become instantly friends. One day at school I start to feel...strange. I run to the woods and fall to the ground and a group of people show up there. Well turns out I shift into my wolf and Bam! I have a mate. Could you guess who? Yeah you're right its Drew. Well we start acting like mates and all that mushy stuff but then one day he rejects me. I get sent off to my grandmas for 2 years for my training to become queen. When I come back weird things happen. Well I'm not going to tell you what happens you'll just have to find out. well here's a hint- Drew is the King of Rogues. *This story is in the process of being edited! Please be patient with me! And if you guys want to give me feedback about what you think should change currently feel free to comment or message me! Please be nice about it though!

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by LexieAlford