Her Monstrosity (Za...
By le_kunokimchi
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#2 in zaray (8/6/22) #1 in zackxrachel (5/1/20) #1 in zackxray (11/6/20) Issac Foster never thought that rescuing Rachel and then having to live a life on the run was going to be easy. Between avoiding cops, finding shelter, and obtaining food.. he had his work cut out for him. Besides, the easy part was fulfilling his oath and keeping himself from getting any sort of attachment to the young blonde, right? Oh how wrong he could have been. Being a monster has its ups and downs, but being her monstrosity was a whole other story. Fortunately, this is that other story. *********†*********†********†*********†***** (Mature due to: Zack's foul language and habits of gruesomely slaughtering people; some dark themes ensue) My first shipping story for Angels of Death. I personally love the manga and game and I'm watching the ongoing anime! This is seriously a rising fandom and I want to contribute to it! I just can't get enough of this ship! Now, before I start, I REALIZE THAT ZACK IS 20 AND RACHEL IS 13. I'M NOT A PEDOPHILE, they're just really made for each other, care for one another... And there are some people who get married to people like 18 years younger/older than them! Besides, IT'S FICTIONAL. And Zack is mentally about 10 so it works!? Although the description isn't very uh.. descriptive, the story will be taking place after they escaped from Ray's mental institute:) Enjoy!

The Chase

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Her Monst...
by le_kunokimchi