Broken (Kurt Hummel)
By Rem-Rem-RemmyLupin
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Kurt Hummel- he may seem fine, but he's broken. When he transfers to Dalton Academy, he has unspeakable terrors in his past- and worst of all, no friends to help him. When a certain Warbler appears to dislike him, is it really so? Or is he jealous? With a talkative roommate, a friend who puts on a strong front, and a seemingly enemy though he did nothing wrong, how will he cope at Dalton? Will he finally open up to people? And just how tall are his newfound friend's walls? Trigger Warnings: Eating disorders Cutting Mention of rape Abuse Flashbacks Suicide Anxiety attacks Hospitalization Relationship Warnings: Kurtbastian Friendship (They're just friends, sorry) Klaine Niff Wavel Some other minor relationships I swear the book is better than my description, that's not saying much though Enjoy! Finished 10/27/18


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Broken (K...
by Rem-Rem-RemmyLupin