The Fate Game We Pl...
By foodbourne
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One Dream. One Passion. One goal. Mia Hastings has had her eyes set on the olympic title since she was 6 years old. A now 20 year-old college student, she has gotton a chance to participate in the Olympics along side her best friend Elizabeth aka Liz. This life altering change keeps her on her toes as she goes through new experiences and realises this journey in itself may be much more special than expected. Will the Games be the only thing that changes her life or will the people she meets more specifically a guy she meets determine her future as well. With crossroads, competitiveness, fights and emotion anything is possible. #18 in swim ~ 4 Dec 2018 Runner-up of the Blue Rose Awards under the Teen Fiction Category in November 2018

Chapter 1 - Major Block

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The Fate...
by foodbourne