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By bellvrkee
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When Bellamy Blake comes back into town, after being away for 4 years. He reunites with his family and his friends what also concludes the best friend of his sister: Clarke Griffin. She and him didn't get along well back in the day. But when he returns the wheels are turned to a whole new level. The line between hate and love was thin. *** "Bell sst, Octavia can't no about this." I pushed a finger against his mouth and tried to suppress my laughter. We were forced into the closet when Octavia suddenly walked into the hall way. "I know." He responded With his strong hands he cupped my cheeks and pressed his lips against mine. I leaned in closer so that there was nothing left between our bare skin than just clothes. His hands trailed down my body leaving it on my thighs, as light as a feather he picked me up. I pulled my legs around his waist and tucked at his shirt. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door. *** Best achievements: #27 in modern #1 in t100 #1 in bellarke

Chapter 1

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by bellvrkee