Wolf Child - Lìfa...
By Cs3ng3
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When her village gets burnt down to the ground, the young viking warrior Lìfa discovers the dark secrets of her past. To fulfill her fate she sets sail on the whale road with twelve mighty warriors on a quest for revenge, gold... and Midgard's most powerful weapon! Can she accept her legacy and become the leader she needs to be, or will she end up alone and among enemies? * „It all depends on how you look at it. It can be a curse, yes. But Loki is a clever god, who survives almost anything and cuts himself out of even the toughest situations. You choose the path you want to take. Be covered by the weight and the shadow of your past, or turn your face to what will come next." * 🥇HWSZ MÁJUSI FORDULÓ GYŐZTESE 🥇 1ST PLACE WINNER IN ALICIA AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥇1ST PLACE WINNER IN THE REGAL ILLUSION AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥇1ST PLACE WINNER IN THE HAPPINESS AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥈 2ND PLACE WINNER IN WINTER ROSE AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥈2ND PLACE WINNER IN FROZEN AWARDS FANTASY CATEGORY 🥈 2ND PLACE WINNER IN GOLDEN ARROW AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥈 2ND PLACE WINNER IN THE 3RD OHANA AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY 🥉 4TH PLACE IN THE UNTITLED AWARDS ADVENTURE CATEGORY * Warning: the story contains fight scenes and blood Thank you so much for the amazzing new cover: @-wanderes❤ Big thank you to @-HOBIHOLIC for the great review: https://www.wattpad.com/706049196-mochi%27s-reviews-wolf-child


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Wolf Chil...
by Cs3ng3