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By xkalopsia
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❝Eli Hernandez is innocent. And whether or not you or any other useless lawyer in this building will help me, I will spend every waking moment trying to prove his innocence.❞ As the daughter of an African American man and a Mexican woman, Maya Hernandez knows what life is like as a minority in the United States. From a young age, she notices the way that her family and friends are treated just a little bit differently. And when her brother is sent to prison for a ridiculously long sentence for a crime he didn't commit, Maya swears that she'll become a lawyer and do what she can to help people like him. She swears that she'll be the one to straighten the skewed justice system. Now, Maya has a chance to work with one of the most influential lawyers in the country: Alexander Solace. She finds that being a lawyer does not entail what she'd imagined. The justice system is even more twisted than she thought, and accomplishing her goals is going to take much more than just her passion and drive. As Maya navigates the problematic world she's become a part of, will she be able to undo the justice faced by her brother-by the thousands of people of color who are mistreated and misunderstood? Will she follow through with her plans, even when she's faced with danger, lies, and threats? And will she be able to do it all while avoiding her feelings for the man who somehow manages to ignite every nerve in her body: her boss and the elite lawyer, Alexander Solace? ~ lovely graphic by @humorously

❥ the guilty type - summary & copyright & author's note

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The Guilt...
by xkalopsia