Longing ~Stranger T...
By TheGirlWith3000Names
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After Pine discovers her newfound 'powers' she must use them to get back to Will and save him as a new threat arises, getting a little help from Thorn along the way. DON'T BE STUPID RULES: 1) Always keep the curtains drawn 2) Only open the door if you hear my secret knock 3) Don't ever go out alone. ESPECIALLY not in daylight. ~Hopper Pine Knight went missing in 1983 to a parallel universe called the upsidedown. A year after escaping supposed to be going into the 8th grade, she must stay hidden to protect herself and her newfound friend. The days are long and uneventful as she sits watching TV day after day. At only eight-years-old Pine Knight became the prime suspect for her parents murder. Dying to protect their daughter, Lilac and Jerry Knight had kept lots of secrets. [Stranger Things Season 2 : Book 2 in 'Illusion' series | TwistedMinds 2018~2020 | Female OC | Cover by TwistedMinds (me) | Plot&Story by: me/TwistedMinds | Help provided by @slushieson & @demodogsRpeople2] ~WARNING~ This story is a lot fluffier than the last but still be weary that chapters will trigger warning. Don't like, don't read. [SEQUEL]


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Longing ~...
by TheGirlWith3000Names