Sinner Seth (COMPLE...
By Lady_Lemonade_
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When push comes to shove Seth is willing to do anything for the sake of money. Money has become his master for such a long time that he didnt even know how to change it. Every peso is important, every coin is like gold. He lives and breathes to earn money and found the easiest way to have money is by doing horrible things. His greed made him who he is now, a criminal who got paid to do anything and kill anyone. A low life scumbag. A sinner. And when his lunatic boss asked him to kidnap the daughter of the chief justice of the Philippines, who he has a hots on, Seth didn't even blink an eye and nodded. But when that girl is a scheming beauty who made his inside churn and his reasoning crumbles with her smiles and her wails. He knew he is in deep trouble. Is money still important to him when his life revolves around acquiring it? Will a sinner change? Would he change his master? Money or her? What will he choose?


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Sinner Se...
by Lady_Lemonade_