Behind Closed Heart...
By paintmecolourless
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A small town girl, Scarlet, has had pretty much the same few friends since she was a kid. Come a new guy from out of town, and she realises that her friends weren't what she'd always thought they were. Add the fact that she ends up falling for said new guy who was supposed to be her so called best friend's boyfriend to the mix, and you have a mind boggling, soul shattering story which is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. Be prepared to cry, laugh and get angry, all at the same time as you read this bittersweet story which involves Scarlet realising what true friends and star crossed lovers actually mean when she finds both of them in a single guy. And watch as said guy realises what it means to truly love someone. None of them are perfect, each having their own demons to fight, their own mistakes to apologise for. The only thing left to see now is if they both are strong enough to forgive each other and move on or not. *** A new update every Sunday.

Chapter - 1

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Behind Cl...
by paintmecolourless