The Golden Girl (#2...
By StephRose1201
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*FEATURED IN "KINGS, COURTSHIPS AND EMPIRES" ON WATTPAD HISTORICAL FICTION* December 1st, 1797. A golden-haired woman receives two letters that will change the course of her life forever. One reminding her of her duties--directing the Totresian Royal Academy for Noble Girls--the other summoning her to the Totresian Royal Court, "tout-de-suite". The court she had fled almost three years prior. Gathering up her best Senior graduates, and a daydreaming girl in her Junior year, the emerald-eyed beauty makes her decision, praying that she can stay anonymous for as long as it takes; and stay out of reach from the woman who raised her, and who has been the cause of all her suffering. The Dowager Queen. Can she survive the waves of emotions caused by her past as it catches up to her? Or will her true identity be revealed, against her will? Plunge back into the adventures of Marguerite--the former Duchess of Torrinni--and her young understudy, the bright and curious Céleste, as they uncover plots of a depth beyond imagination, and send their hearts racing and fluttering into whirlwind schemes and secrets; some of which they may never escape from. •• BOOK TWO OF THE *GOLDEN* SERIES •• ***Winner of HF/Paranormal in the Masquerade Awards*** ***1st Place Winner of HF in the 5th Ohana Awards*** ***1st Place Winner of HF in The Sass Awards 2019*** ***1st Place Winner of HF in the 1st Biannual New Beginnings Writer's Awards*** ***2nd Place Winner of HF in The Chaos Awards 6*** ***Hon. Mention in The Earnesty's Writers Awards 2019*** ***Hon. Mention in The Annual Medley Awards*** •• #186 in "historicalfiction" & "historical" (09/28/18) #32 in "history" (09/02/19) #24 in "twists" (04/25/19) #1 in "royalromance" (01/10/19) #181 in "novel" (10/19/18) •• I recommend reading the novella prequel, "The Golden Flower", to better enjoy this book! ••


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The Golde...
by StephRose1201